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What Do I Need for My Shopping Pass to Be Issued?

  • Registration card (Meldezettel)
  • Income statement
  • Photo identification
  • ID picture


Where Can I Obtain My Shopping Pass?

You may make your application prior to the market’s opening at or at sozialmarkt(at)samariter(dot)at.

Beginning a week bevor the opening on July 1st 2009, you may complete the formalities at the market itself during business hours.

For further help, please call: 01 22 144-44 (9 am to 2 pm)

Who May Use My Shopping Pass?

Shopping pass owners may register a second person on their pass. This person may shop in place of the owner (e. g. in case of illness), but is not authorized him- or herself. They will also need photo identification and an ID picture for registration.


How Much May I Purchase?

  • You may purchase products for a maximum amount of 30 euros per week.
  • For any family member registered on your shopping pass, you may add five euros to that maximum amount.


Application Form


Application Form (PDF)

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